MeetMe Mobile Controller

Introducing MeetMe Mobile Controller

What is it?

A brand-new way to manage and control your MeetMe conferences from your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile smartphone.

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Mobile Controller, powered by our partner, Ring2, enables a MeetMe chairperson to use its iPhone or iPad as a remote controller for managing conference calls.

Key features


  • Receive conference start alerts when your first invited guest joins the conference.
  • Join as chairperson from a phone of your choice, without needing to remember or punch in dial-in numbers and passcodes.
  • Schedule calls and send invitations pre-populated with the dial-in numbers and participant passcode.

Visibility and security

  • Visually monitor who's on the call.
  • Smoothly manage back-to-back calls that run into one another.
  • Have private team de-briefs at the end of the call.


  • Mute/unmute participants with disturbing background noise.
  • Record the conference.
  • Disconnect user lines.

Download Mobile Controller for iPhone

An existing MeetMe Global Access service is required to use Mobile Controller and an iPhone/iPad running iOS v3

  1. Visit the iTunes App Store
  2. Search for MeetMe Mobile Controller

How will I be charged for this service?

It will be charged as an additional participant line onto the chairperson's current MeetMe service, on a 'per minute basis' at your domestic toll-free rate for the duration of the call.

The MeetMe Mobile Controller call charges will be shown as a feature on your regular invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions for iPhone

What is the MeetMe Mobile Controller for iPhone?

The MeetMe Mobile Controller solves one of the biggest pain points of audio conferencing - the lack of visibility, security, and control on conference calls. The application provides a real-time view of the participants on a conference call (name, number, and status) and empowers the leader to issue conference-wide and participant-level controls.

What do I need to use it?

You must have an Apple iPhone or iTouch running OS 3.0 or later and an active Conferencing account. If you are not a current customer, you may learn more about how to sign up for service at

What are call start alerts?

Within apx 30 seconds of someone joining your conference, an alert window will appear on your iPhone. You may begin monitoring that conference by clicking on the monitor button on the alert window.

Why I try to login, I receive an error saying my passcodes do not match a valid account. What should I do?

Please double check that you are entering the correct chairperson/host and participant passcodes for a valid MeetMe account . If you continue to receive the error, please contact customer support.

How do I login as a different user?

Click on "Settings" on the main screen and then choose "View Login Information". On the next screen you will see a button to "Logout". After loggin out please login again using the passcodes of the required account.

I am a personal assistant who manages other people's conferences (a.k.a. delegates). Will I be able to monitor those conferences?

Unfortunately that feature is not supported in the current version.

My conference details have changed. How long will it take for the app to reflect those changes?

The application refreshes your profile every 12 hours. If you would like to refresh your profile immediately, click on "Settings" on the main screen and then choose "View Login Information". On the next screen you will see a button to "Refresh Profile".

How much does the iPhone app cost?

The iPhone app is free to download. For charging please speak to your Account Manager.

The application is adding the wrong country code to phone numbers in my address book. Click on "Settings" on the main screen and then choose "Default Country".

Select the country that matches your home location. Phone numbers that are in your address book without a country code will have that country code applied.

Even though I have a contact's number in my address book, I do not see their name resolved when they join my conference.

If a phone number is assigned to more than one contact in your address book, the application will not be able to resolve a single name for that phone number. If you remove any duplicate entries for that number, the application should resolve the number to a name properly on your next call.

How do I uninstall the application?

On iPhones you can uninstall by following the standard iPhone procedure to remove application on the device or through iTunes.

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